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Old 05-26-2005   #1
Deep in the trenches
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vent from within

the engines suck... everyone of them. no matter how smart the peeps are matter who's the darling of wall street this week - they all suck.

SERPs are so littered with junk content and link-only pages that it makes it almost useless to use the engines. people have gotten so crazy with becoming adsense affliates and new school SEOs are still creating junky content with zero usability.

regarding PPC, just as i predicted at the end of the year the SEM market is a drag. click costs are rising to ridiculous levels, monitoring legitmate vs. fradulant traffic is becoming almost impossible and even if you score some patterns, you must wait weeks to get anything more than a $500 credit.

click fraud has now entered class action lawsuit status so look for this to only grow further (again as i prdicted and yelled about for months in 2004. this is the same time my google rep said, "what's click fraud?")

there is an seo forum around every virtual turn ...and experts gallore who really ...aren't.

copywriters vs. link specialists vs. standards nazis vs. wire rim creatives.

i am sick of getting 35 link requests each day all generated by the same software from axeria (or whomever) ..."Hi. I love your site and think that my site would be useful for your visitors..."

...nevermind the fact that my site sells tickets and your site is one colum of adSense, one giant middle column of links generating google searches and a right hand column of books that i can buy so you make a phucking nickel. what a joke?

5 cold calls a day, "we can guarantee you top 3 search rankings" ...thank god my phone peeps screen for me.

55 emails a day saying the same thing.

why do the engines keep chest thumping about the "billions" of pages they have indexed? am i to believe there is a billion resources of quality info. NOPE. they are indexing billions and billions of additonal spam pages. gee thanks. thanks for indexing all that crap for me wade through...

i hate this industry now.
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"One wants to have, you know, a little class." DianeV
Join Date: Jun 2004
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NFFC is a splendid one to beholdNFFC is a splendid one to beholdNFFC is a splendid one to beholdNFFC is a splendid one to beholdNFFC is a splendid one to beholdNFFC is a splendid one to behold
Let me guess, bad sales day?

You could have made almost the exact same post every year from 1995 onwards. The question you need to ask yourself is what can you do to make it better?
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