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Jumping in as early as I can today - though I was already dreading this post, and this day - I figure it's better just to get it done and over with, and go back to bed - after literally being up all night sick to my stomach over it...

(just kidding, apparently matthew & I have some food poisoning- NOT FUN!)

In any case, I won't cloud this post with the gory details.

This post is for Danny as much as it is for the future of SEW. Danny knows just how much I personally respect him, and that I, as well as nearly every other SEO out there owe and truly appreciate him for helping create this industry and our careers.

I started reading SEW back in 1999, when I started down this path, and later, in 2001 began speaking at SES conferences. In 2004, danny asked me to launch the SEW forums and oversee the community here, which as he said, is in our minds, a solid crew of folks from many different experience levels and points of view - something fair and relatively unbiased, which is what we set out to do.

Then, in April of 2006, I yet again, couldn't say no to Danny when he offered me my current job of Search Engine Watch's Managing Editor, taking on more responsiblities on the site. And I have also taken on more of a role at several SES events, and have a part in organizing some of those, namely the localized SEW Live! Networking events. I am looking foward to all of the 2007 events in which I still get to work alongside Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman.

So, as this day brings mixed emotions for me - sad, because I do thoroughly enjoy working alongside the esteemed Danny Sullivan, and of course, in an ideal world, he would be staying here. But let's be honest - 10 years at the same job can leave anyone wanting more, or rather - something different, that's part of life, and I respect Danny for doing what's right for him. So in the end, I can do nothing but wish my friend and colleague the best, because he has to do what is right for him, and I and know that this isn't really goodbye.

For me, staying at Search Engine Watch is about honoring all of Danny's (and Chris Shermans') hard work and dedication for the industry. To walk away from that, I felt was the wrong thing to do, when more than anything, the site needs to main true to its mission of bringing news, information and issues in search marketing to the public that clearly is hungry for all the digestable content it can stomach. (ok, another bad reference to my food poisoning

But more seriously, I've always felt that SEW and Danny Sullivan shaped the way I view the industry, looking at all sides of an issue and points of view, fairly and with a balanced view before I develop an informed opinion, and if I have any power to share that with others, well, that is my personal and professional mission for the near future.

This industry has always thrived on the sharing of information and co-opetition, so I'll continue to support SEL and the crew over there, as I consider all of them friends and colleagues that have well earned my respect. I look at this as an opportunity for other known and respected members of the community to step up (and some will be) - and continue on their good work with their own passion and knowledge. And I do expect to see Danny et al around these parts from time to time, as they all know they are more than welcome.

This brand and community has a clear place in this industry, and I think that while much speculation has been made about the future of SEW, everyone must also realize how relevant it will remain. The community has the chance to embrace that, and furthermore, be a part of the evolution of SEW, and make of it what you want out of an industry digest. Like Danny, I'm always open to constructive criticisms,and listening to suggestions from the community.

We all need to look at this as an opportunity to take into consideration all of the past efforts and take the next step to adapt in this industry which moves at lightspeed.

with love and best wishes for everyone,
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