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Quoting the article from Clickz: "It actually served as a drum roll for all of the things we were going to be announcing," Todd said. "In reading the forums, people making suggestions or asking questions helped us to make sure what we were going to present met the demands people voiced in the forums"

"we were going to be announcing"

More like served as a drumroll for covering up mishaps and inaction.

From checking around, I didn't see anything before these exposing articles and posts, that SEMPO had a bunch of updates they were going to announce.

"Getting feedback is really hard. Getting positive feedback is even harder," she said. "This created a place for people to support us as well as give us constructive criticism, which is very important for us."

From what I gather, members were complaining about communication from the SEMPO board. How can getting feedback be hard when you don't seek it in the first place?

Pretty sad that we continue to live in a world where they only way to get some people to act on something is to expose flaws, criticize procedures, and constantly ride someone's behind. If someone or some entity has to be pushed like that from the beginning then that is the way it will always be.
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