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Help with php url rewrite

I hope some one may be able to help. I see in this thread the talk is similar to what I need to do some work on.

Basically I have this code below in my inludes.php what I am trying to do is rewrite the php code for friendly urls.

$Categories .= "<tr>\n\t<td bgcolor=#ECECEC><a class=BlackLinkB href=\"search.php?c=$ai[CategoryID]\">$ai[CategoryName]</a></td>\n</tr>\n";

This php code above bringsup a dynamic nav bar to navigate my site.
I know I need to change the bits in between the "" but I am not sure what I can change it to.

I also need to find out the rewrite code to put in the htaccess file

I am toatlly new to all of this and would love some help here please from some one.

Sincerly, Toni
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