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Hyphens in URL

Hi SEO Mike,

Thanks for your valuable inputs on the URL rewriting phenomenon.

I haven't had success in my research on my questions and on my other posts to make a final decision. I'm hoping you can help me.

First of all thanks for your time
here's my question...

We know from Google via Matt Cutts that hyphens are the preferred delimiters in URLs

For example better than.... .....or.....

For URL rewriting, with .htaccess rewrite rules we can only have a limited number of hyphens. What other character can also be used in this case?

As an example:

In the above example, since the "news-about" is another variable it needs to be delimited with another character to separate it from "bright-new-widgets"

Is using "plus"(+) an option?

Or is there another character which can be used to seperate two words? I have seen many posts on similar questions asked, but no concrete answers. I will be choosing double dashes (--) or (+) as my last resort.

I could make another directory like:
but I prefer not to as I think a flat directory structure is more effective.

Any ideas?
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