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Website down w/links, good URL, currently undeveloped

I've never bought a website before but I'm hoping someone has some ideas on the valuation of a URL of a site that used to be somewhat popular in its niche. They went bankrupt and the site went offline for a year. I contacted the registrant and made an initial offer but he thought he could get more. He put up a single page saying this URL is for sale. With the latest Google update, the single page shows a PR6.

The site has been around since 1995 and it's in DMOZ and Y Directory.

According to Marketleap, it has 38 G backlinks, 1,000 MSN backlinks, and 350 Y backlinks.

What makes this attractive is that I can redevelop this site into a different niche than the old business but that it is semantically related and I believe I will get credit for it.

The URL is eight letters, no hyphens and was a well known brand name in a regional market.

Yes, I could pay $20 for an appraisal but at the SES conferences I've heard that the valuation for some of these services may not be accurate.

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