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Out of town and wham!!!

Unbelievable. If Yahoo's technical hiccups weren't so sad, I'd love to say, "i told ya so" {which I did upon announcement of these new fixes.}

Once again Yahoo failed to come thru and apparently advertiser accounts were once again inaccessible ...many, for over 48 hours. Glad I was out of town or I would have surely been more on top of this. Instead, we get the following email:


Dear Yahoo! Search Marketing Advertiser,

As you may know, we had a scheduled systems upgrade last weekend to
help us meet the needs of our growing customer base. Following this
effort, we know that you may have had difficulty accessing your
account, as well as managing bids and listings. I wanted to update you
on the nature of our system issues and what you can expect from us
going forward.

{sebastian says: we don't want updates on the nature of your systems. from day one we have just wanted it to work}

Let me begin by apologizing for any challenges that our systems
availability or performance have created for you. We know that many
of you count on us for an important part of your sales and marketing
efforts. We appreciate your trust and never take for granted the
fact that you have choices about where to place your marketing dollars.

{sebastian says: sorry, but apologies don't cut it anymore. it has been constant apologies for years ...years, mr. yahoo president. YEARS!

forget apologies and start offering back compensation please. ...just like any other business would have to do}

The recent issues relate mainly to the capacity of our network and
systems. In order to meet the increasing level of demand and provide you
with new capabilities to help you grow your business, we are making some
significant changes. We are undertaking a series of updates to get more
performance from our current systems; as well as a comprehensive
technology upgrade that will make it easier to roll out and scale new
features globally.

{sebastian says: so boost capacity. your company is worth billions of dollars can't boost capacity overnight? ...and stop trying to help me "grow my business" until you can help me "not lose money for my business"

and great, more updates to come? seeing as how every one of them has resulted in problems, we can hardly feel comfortable in the notification of many more to come. Have you even been following your own company's progress and performance?}

We have scheduled a number of projects for the second half of 2005 that
will enhance the performance of our current systems. Last weekend, we
undertook one of the largest of these projects, upgrading the core
databases that process and store listings. It was a complex, broad effort
to lay the groundwork for performance and availability improvements that
you will see over the coming months.

{sebastian says: ...and obviously planned poorly. your competition is slaying you in this area.}

While you may have experienced some problems over the last few days, we
wanted to let you know that we are also beginning to see the intended
benefits. At this time, we have resolved the majority of the issues and
core service has been restored. We are hopeful that any additional
service interruptions will be minor as we continue to fine-tune our

{sebastian says: thanks for updating us AFTER it was fixed. this is not a slam but it is typical of Yahoo!/Overture/GoTo communication with us.}

We absolutely understand that any system downtime creates difficulties
for you and we would like to hear from you. If you have any feedback or
comments, please send us an email at

{sebastian says: your darn right it causes us difficulties ...and embarrassment within our internal organizations. instead of generic email addresses for interns to read, why not field our emails yourself mr. president? i would like to be first in line.}

We value your business and appreciate your patience.

{sebastian says: ...this i have yet to see.}


Ted Meisel
Yahoo! Search Marketing


{YAWN} ...same old crap.

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