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I know you are aware of our recent systems upgrade last weekend and that you’ve had difficulty accessing/managing your accounts as a result. On behalf of Yahoo!, I apologize for the inconvenience and obvious frustrations (noted in this thread). Ted Meisel, president of Yahoo! Search Marketing, sent an update email to all of our advertisers today but I felt it was also a good idea to post some excerpts here to make sure the information is shared as quickly as possible.

Here is the update:
• Per my last post, Yahoo! Search Marketing is undertaking a series of updates to get more performance from its current systems, as well as a comprehensive technology upgrade that will make it easier for us to roll out and scale new features globally.

• Last weekend, the core databases that process and store listings were upgraded. It was a complex, broad effort to lay the groundwork for performance and availability improvements that you will see over the coming months. We encountered some challenges that made it difficult for advertisers to access accounts and manage listings, and bids.

• The good news is, we’re now beginning to see some of the intended benefits that will ultimately enhance the performance of our systems.

• The majority of the issues have been resolved and core service has been restored. We are hopeful that any additional service interruptions will be minor as we continue to fine-tune our systems.

We absolutely understand that any system downtime creates difficulties for you and we want to hear from you. YSM has set up for this reason. I encourage you to use it. Your message will be read.

Feel free to reach out to your rep with any direct questions and if you aren’t sure who to contact, you can always send me a private email for help. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

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