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Prediction: properties start using the new tag for their text ads and the ad renewal rate drops through the floor.
If so, no big deal. Jupiter has hardly built its business around that particular program.

As said, I'm sure some people are buying the links in hopes they are getting some gain out of them. And as said, if so, that's a dumb reason to buy. They are too easily identified by a search engine that might want to take them out.

Anyone seriously wanting to buy links for search ranking reasons needs to find a paid link program that spreads things out. Oilman, any ideas about such programs

Or alternatively, heck, just put your link into a press release and push it out through Google News!

The one thing it will certainly NOT do is stop comment spam. Sorry to say but it won't even slow it down.
I think it might deter it a bit -- just a bit. But completely agree with everyone else that this is hardly some silver bullet that will kill the comment spam werewolf. Not at all.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and nobody can squeak louder than bloggers it would seem
Yep. Believe me, as a site owner, I like having more control. But there are more important things we could have and should move on to. Folks, squeak loudly please. The search engines reacted finally with something that really solves a PR problem more than anything else. There are some serious indexing solutions they could also provide.

When this kicks in bloggers aren't going to like the loss.
Oh, this is dawning on them. Check out Anil Dash's recent post. I added a long comment to the end of it.

Basically, it's interesting to hear in it the arguments and fears some bloggers have that they might be entitled to boosts for commenting or that they need those links to be visible.

Oh, so getting into comments is all about being seen in search engines? Ummm -- isn't that what many have been upset about. OK, so they aren't talking about completely offtarget comments and links. But it kinds of sounds a lot like Greg Boser's "we're all manipulators" speech.

I thought blogs were powerful because they had their own self-referential network of linking between themselves on related topics, not because comments give you links to help you get a boost in Google. If that's the case, the blogs become nothing more than dressed-up respectable link farms.
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