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Originally Posted by Marcia
BTW, there is nothing I absolutely HATE more than pursuing links; if only it were a perfect world where people would just link because they surf and find sites they like. But you may lose some really good opportunities if you don't make sure you've got something you're offering. Savvy people can tell, and they do look.

Someone wise once suggested people be careful about trying to increase authority status of a site at the expense of hub status. It's worth thinking about and considering.
Another wise person said (I think it was NFFC) "how I love the game". The web was never meant for commercial use... Newspapers, Radio, TV and most other of today's more traditional advertising media - were never conceive for commerical use - but with any new innovation comes new opportunity to generate profit and while you, I or anyone else may "absolutely HATE" a specific aspect - if you don't play the game - you don't get any rewards.

People can disagree with that all they wish but when you are not a corporate giant you must do what must be done to get ahead.

A directory - isn't a full encompassing solution... I actually use a few to perform individual tasks as each variation has it's own merits.

1. totally free - there are numerous 'only free' lists out there that if you get included you can capture 10 - 200 submissions a day... and the end of the submission process - the thank you statement includes a list of reciprocal directories to submit to...

2. the reciprocal directory captures about 10% of the free directory submitters. and adding a list of PPI on these at the end is the next step.

3, With forehought a PPI directory can be a powerful aggregation tool plus an extra revenue - which the revenue can be used to paid for PPI submissions on #1, then #2, etc. taking each resource to the next level... getting more free submissions, getting more recips, getting more PPI, getting more revenue: and

4. hiring 'paid-for' editors to accommodate the workload.

But you do need to get by the 'I don't like it' - and play the game. Many people say PPI directories are rubbish - but that's what Yahoo is and unfortunately people pay to list there.

We can say 'well Yahoo isn't an intentional manipulation of PageRank' (or in a special class) - well what makes them special?

The fact that they played the game of the web early and now a leader is the answer.

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