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Interesting, I didn't realize that SEW was okay with people posting specifics. bobmutch, you're saying that is a non-profit site? Here's what I see when I look. Last time I checked, I saw dozens of links to Oh look, from, I'm able to take care of my other health needs, from friendly vendors such as,,, and of course
That's quite a bit of help. In fact, if I view source, I'm also able to find many other helpful products:
<a class="giffard" href="quit-smoking-quitting-smoking-stop-smoking.com_sitemap.html">quit smoking quitting smoking stop smoking Site Map</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Online Herbal Smoke Store & Smoking Accessories</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Ultra Hair Away Hair Removal Product Hair Removal Spray</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Better Orgasm Female Libido & Sex Drive Enhancer</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Stop Smoking Product</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Smoke Away Stop Smoking & Quit Smoking Help Aids</a>

<a class="giffard" href="">Better Orgasm Female Increase Libido</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Black Light Posters and Pictures</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Webmasters click here for affiliate program</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Black Light Posters Pictures and Party Lighting Superstore</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Bob Barefoots Coral Calcium Supreme Plus Supplement</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">As Seen on tv Products Store</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Euphoria Human Pheromones Perfume and Cologne Products</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Human Pheromones Cologne And Perfume Online</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Natural Diet Pills & Weight Loss Supplements</a>

<a class="giffard" href="">Pepper Spray Mace & Self Defense Products</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Pepper Spray Mace & Stun Gun Superstore</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Pepper Spray Mace Stun Gun</a>
<a class="giffard" href=""></a>
<a class="giffard" href=""></a>
<a class="giffard" href="">human pheromones</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Webmasters Affiliate Program - GlobaLife Cash</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Diet Fat Loss Pills</a>

<a class="giffard" href=""></a>
<a class="giffard" href="">exotic herbal smokes</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">stop smoking pill</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">herbal cigarette</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">diet patch</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">exotic smoking blends</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">Bust Enhancement</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">penis pill</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">diet patch</a>

<a class="giffard" href="friends.html">Friends and Additional Links</a>
<a class="giffard" href="">marijuana alternative</a>
<a class="giffard" href="stop_smoking_product_i.html">stop smoking product</a>
<a class="giffard" href="smoke_away_m.html">smoke away</a>
<a class="giffard" href="stop_smoking_aid_i.html">stop smoking aid</a>
<a class="giffard" href="stop_smoking_aids_i.html">stop smoking aids</a>
<a class="giffard" href="quit_smoking_aids_i.html">quit smoking aids</a>
<a class="giffard" href="quit_smoking_product_i.html">quit smoking product</a>
<a class="giffard" href="smoke_away_i.html">smoke away</a>

<a class="giffard" href="quitting_smoking_i.html">quitting smoking</a>
<a class="giffard" href="stop_smoking_i.html">stop smoking</a>
<a class="giffard" href="quit_smoking_i.html">quit smoking</a>
<a class="giffard" href="stop_smoking_program_i.html">stop smoking program</a>
<a class="giffard" href="quit_smoking_program_i.html">quit smoking program</a>

Hmm, that's strange. class=giffard? What does that mean? I guess I'd better check out their CSS file at http://www.quit-smoking-quitting-smo...linktables.css in order to see what "giffard" means. Oh, here it is:
.giffard means
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 1px;
color: #FCFCFC;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
visibility: hidden;

Wait a second. visibility hidden? font-size is set to 1 pixel? But wouldn't that mean that all those great resource links are hidden to users? Hmm.

Weird. Last time I noticed, there were also lots of links to from pages like . Hmm. Looks like the same company doing this?

bobmutch, here's what I'd tell Blair: if you want to run a non-profit, don't link to sites that have hidden text via CSS, especially not on the *footer of practically every page on the site*. Who you link to can affect your ranking. This site seemed to have a lot of links to a lot of very aggressive sites for a non-profit. I'd recommend that he remove all links to these aggressive sites, and then send an email to us requesting reinclusion.

Hope that helps,
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