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The test results are in:

Final result - google wins.

One of the pages involved was removed from google’s index. The removal of this page appears to me to be what I call a “hand” or “human” removal. Of course, the page that was removed was the page doing the hijacking, no great loss, this page was on a throwaway domain for just this reason.

bobmuch has stated to me that he would rather not be included in any further public testing at this time and has went off and is testing one method for himself. But I am sure he will speak for himself here shortly.

You all want to know how to do it?
Go get yourself just about any php based directory script, make sure the script does click tracking, install the script and submit all the pages you want to hijack into this php based directory (make sure the click tracking (302/301 re-directs are turned on) . *** Just what is a 302 or 301 redirect and how does it work? If you are able to figure out how one of these directories handles their 302 redirects on their click tracking pages (Hint: http responses.....) you could accomplish this page hijacking whenever you wanted by simply re-creating what the script is doing. ***

The hijacks will soon start appearing on your directory log files. No real harm done, if it stops there, the owner of the pages is still getting the traffic.

But a person with bad intent could wait till Page A’s URL is appearing in the google SERP instead of page B’s URL then simply remove the re-direct and put whatever content that was desired by the hijacker on Page A....
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