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Also, Forums (like this one and all others) may have PR but none is passed via a forum signature. Guest books etc are the same.
LOL... Funny, I just watched a page climb to page one for a VERY VERY competitive keyword, using ONLY guest book links with keywords in the anchor text... And No I am not going to give you the URL in a public forum, unless you want to send me about $25,000 first (expected first quarter earnings for this page).

...I have set up a page that is ONLY linked to via Guest Books and Forum signatures and used some very non-competetive anchor text. The page never showed in Google when searching for the anchor text.
Most forums (especially SEO or Webmaster forums) redirect links so that PageRank or reputation is NOT passed. If they do not redirect links, then they usually have a no direct link posting policy and/or a policy not to give sig links any PR credit.

I don’t know why some people want to give google more credit than they are due. I have seen many many people come on a forum like this and make all these statements about what google does or does not do, usually most all of these statement are FALSE.

My own opinion, I think some people want google to be some super all knowing, all powerful search engine and that this super search engine should be able to do all, even if at this time most of the things that some of these people think google does are technically impossible.

Also this idea that everyone that works at google is smarter than the rest of us, I find insulting. I have been pitting my wits against the “google super search engine” and their “super brained” employees for years... and winning (as have most of the folks around here).