View Full Version : Looking for good Search Engine Building Software

01-01-2006, 02:41 PM
Hi, I have 7 web directories and am looking for good search engine software to build my own search engine. I want it to be a stand alone product that will allow me to pull results firstly from my own directories then fill out results from some of the bigger search engines.

I have looked at PowerSeek and a few others that seem pretty good. There was one in particular that seemed very advanced (and expensive) but my system locked up and I had to reset and can't seem to locate it again. It offered a zillion features for custom output of results and had many seperate modules you could purchase including a custom toolbar building module and a spidering module. If anyone knows which product this is please post here or PM me. If you have any other good recommendations please let me know.


ps. I hope this is the right forum if not please move it to the appropriate one.