View Full Version : Browser Compatibility! When To Stop Focusing?

Anthony Parsons
11-14-2004, 03:21 AM
I keep seeing this time and time again within the forums, in regards to the browser compatibility issue's and when you stop worrying about the age old browsers in your web design. People don't use <divs> and CSS for the only reason and purpose that it won't render correctly within older browsers. I think there just scared to learn something new personally, but that's my opinion.

Please cast your vote to provide an overall understanding of what is preferable.

At which point do you sacrifice browser compatibility for more fluent design technique?

Nick W
11-14-2004, 03:47 AM
I stopped worrying about v4's and less almost 2yrs back but now I run from around 5.5 upward providing it's not a site about somthing the over 60's might primarliy read.

Not that the over 60's are particularly techo-backward these days but out of all groups they seem more likely to have a significant proportion of old browsers. There is also the age old argument that some institutions and companies might still be running v4's due to IT contraints - bugger 'em I say, i'd rather lose a few visitors than naf around with tables and <font> tags.

I think there just scared to learn something new personally

I agree. The most comon arguement I hear for not implementing CSS compliant designs are:

What about institutions / companies with IT contraints
Search Engines prefer html3.2

The first seems like an excuse wrapped in the merest hint of truth, but it does depend on a) your target group and b) personal preference / real log stats

The second is the most laughable thing i've ever heard. Utter nonsense and clearly an excuse from dinasour web devs that cant break old habbits or dont have the time to learn new ones. It's BS and nothing less.

There are websites out there that run techno orienteted sites to techno savvy users that actually claim that <font> tags and table design is much better for SE's - I can think of 2 very well known ones off hand and in both cases at best it's a poor understanding of how SE's work, and at worst it's just a very sad excuse not to get with the program...

It's rather like the classic 30-40 yr old that never quite made it out of the 80's and still claim that music was just better then - have a cd collection with nothing later than 1987 and continue to play the same old crap every time you go round to visit. It's FEAR of NEW :eek:

.....just to get the war started heh! heh!

11-14-2004, 03:35 PM
Personally, I test in IE, Firefox and Lynx - it has to run on all of those flawlessly. Then I look at it in NS 4.9 and see if I can live with it. That usually gets me most of the others by default (though your milage willl vary).

Here are a couple of good tools/links related to this that I use fairly often:





And this one is commercial but very handy: