View Full Version : Atlas DMT Rank Report - Part 2

10-14-2004, 02:43 PM
This time around, the study, and the conclusions drawn by the analysts, seem a bit more sophisticated.


For example, in the press release, Young-Bean Song comments:

"Many have hypothesized that conversion rates might actually rise at lower ranks, theorizing that users clicking on lower listings are more qualified prospects, but this approach turns out to be neither entirely right nor wrong," said Song.

Clearly there is some granularity to this, but it does appear that in popular, high-volume keywords, conversions may be higher in higher listing positions. It's not clear yet that we know why.

On less popular terms, i.e. 'the tail,' it is often the case that conversions are better in ad positions 3 through 10 on Google. Again, it's not entirely clear why, though one might speculate that the top-position ads are generic ads on broad matches coming through from notorious high-bidders, whereas the lower-position ads are coming through from more focused terms by more focused businesses.

This looks to be some pretty good data... I will have to take a closer look.

Any comments?