View Full Version : Growing Dominance of Shopping Sites in PPC

03-29-2006, 12:22 AM
In tracking PPC competition over the years it seems to me that for b2c product offers (i.e., services excluded), that shopping sites (ebay, amazon, shop.com, bizrate, nextag, etc.) have been a growing presence in the marketplace. Although there is huge variation, a typical pattern is starting to emerge where there are 2-4 ads at the top that are highly relevant and highly competitive, and the rest of the listings tend to be in the format of:

Searching for keyword?
Find keyword on ebay.

Is it just a coincidence that I'm seeing this with the campaings I manage, or is this a trend?

Is there something about the PPC marketplace that for anything where a shopping site could be competitive, that shopping sites are starting to dominate the bulk of the listings, except for the top few listings?

My speculation is that for any product there are typically only 2 to 4 companies with a combination of offer, margin, and PPC management that's good enough to compete. After that, shopping sites have margins and PPC management that are good enough to elbow out other offers.